Xbox 360 Version Of Minecraft Has Small Worlds And Invisible Walls


In just two days the Xbox 360 version of Minecraft will be released onto Xbox Live Arcade where thousands and thousands of people will undoubtedly flock to purchase it at the high, high price of 1600MSP, yet they may be surprised to find out that one of the key features of Minecraft hasn’t made it to the Xbox 360 version.

As players of the PC version know, Minecraft’s world is procedurally generated as the players walks across it, making it, in theory at least, infinite in size.  You never run out of world to explore, resources to mine and trouble to get into. While Minecraft has many other great features, this infinitely generated world is arguably the biggest of them, yet sadly this hasn’t made it onto the console version of the game, presumably due to the simple fact that the Xbox 360 is running pretty old technology by this point and just doesn’t have the memory capacity to deal with a world generated in such a fashion. Instead Xbox 360 owners will get a small little island as their world. Venture off the island into the water and swim for a little way and you’ll encounter invisible walls that stop you going any further, leaving you to simply stare forlornly into the distance, pondering what wonders may be out there. Or drown.

Of course this means that you’ve got limited resources to work with, so if you run out of Red Stone you’re going to have to start the game all over again with a new world, and that lovely castle you were building will have to vanish into the mists of time, never to be seen again. Or something like that.

For a prime example a handy journalist has made a quick video (above) demonstrating the size of the world and the invisible walls. On average he reckons it takes him around three minutes to go from the centre of the map to the border, with each game world being the size seen in the little map at the start of the video.

Given the hefty price-tag attached to the game, are you still willing to pay out despite the game not having the famous Minecraft infinite world? Keep in mind that updates have been promised for the game, although whether world size will be one of those updates is unknown.


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  1. If it goes on sale I may consider the purchase if I had the extra MS points hanging around. But for 1600, no. I can live with the invisible walls and the island. The limited resources thing is a huge roadblock. Maybe if the resources replenished over time… It would annoy me to all hell if I couldn’t finish my masterpiece because I ran out of such and such a thing.

    I probably don’t need to be buying a game like this anyway. Talk about a time sink! I have novels I need to write for God’s sake. Still, would be fun, like playing with my Legos all over again.

    • I’m with you. If the game goes on sale I’ll likely pick ut up as I know I’ll enjoy it, but at the moment I’ve got more games than I know what to do with, so I really don’t need one that’s going to attempt to consume my life 🙂

      It is possible that the resources regenerate. I’ve not heard anything of the sort thus far, but fingers crossed that a patch might change that.

  2. relax you guys, as stated it is only in beta mode, was minecraft perfect the first time around? no. and neither is this, they will come out with updates and make it to par with the pc version. people need to remember that it is a brand new constle for mojang to work with and it will take time.

    • Aye, it’ll take time, but that doesn’t detract from some people being disapointed that the initial launch wasn’t was more advanced version of the game. But, we shall see what they bring with the update, especially since the next should be adding pistons and the such.

      Oh, and it was developed by 4J Studios. Mojang worked in conjunction to ensure that they didn’t change anything that Mojang wasn’t happy about, but it was 4J that did the actual work of porting it over 🙂

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