The Best Deals In The Epic Games Store Mega Sale

Official Control artwork depicting lead character Jess Faden

Since we’ve all got some extra time on your hands these days I thought I’d do something a little different and rundown what I think are the best deals on the Epic Games Store Mega Sale which is running until June 11th.

There’s already some hefty discounts, but you can also get special coupons which will apply a further £10 discount on any game over £13.99, which brings a lot of the games on my list down to some impressively low prices. You get the first coupon for free, and then you can get another coupon for every eligible game purchase. For example, I’ve grabbed Assassin’s Creed: Origins with a coupon, and that meant I got a coupon back. Sweet.

Below you’ll find my picks of the sale, along with a link to my review of the game if I’ve done one. These aren’t necessarily what I think are the best games available on Epic, rather it’s a list of games that I think are absolutely worth the price you can get them at.

  • Control £23.99 – Read my review
  • Borderlands 3 £24.99 – Read my review
  • Anno 1800 £24.99 – Read my review
  • Metro Exodus £17.49
  • Metro 2033 Redux £3.74
  • Metro Last Light Redux £3.74
  • Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey £16.49 – Read my review
  • Assassin’s Creed: Origins Gold Edition £18.74 – Read my review
  • Rebel Galaxy Outlaw £16.07 – Read my review
  • Watch Dogs 2 £14.99
  • Far Cry: New Dawn £15.19
  • Ashen £15.49 – Read my review
  • Corruption 2029 £14.39 – Read my review
  • Darksiders: Warmastered Edition £4.99
  • Darksiders: Deathinitive Edition £6.24
  • Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair £14.99
  • Layers of Fear £3.49 – Read my review
  • Alan Wake £1.13
  • Hades £15.19
  • Transistor £3.09

Quite a few of these I picked because they offer an absurd amount of content, especially for the price. Borderlands 3, Assassin’s Creed: Origins and Odyssey all boast dozens and dozens of hours of playtime if you want something to ease the lockdown boredom. Far Cry: New Dawn isn’t as good as Far Cry 4 or Far Cry 5 in my view, and it’s a spin-off, but for £5.19 (with coupon) you’re getting a lot of solid game.

Meanwhile, I’d honestly recommend picking up Control even if it was still full price. It was my game of 2019, but got overlooked in terms of sales.

I also think being able to grab the entire Metro trilogy for under £15 is a steal.

And, of course, you can also get GTA V for free right now. That’s been so popular that the entire Epic store crashed the other day, although considering how flaky the Epic store can be that’s not hugely surprising.

Take care, folks.


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  1. I stopped reading after “Since we’ve all got some extra time on [y]our hands these days”. Is that what you think? That everyone on the planet is on Lockdown?? Do you think food appears in the shops by magic? Do letters push themselves through your door all by themselves. Are your bins overflowing because they haven’t been emptied? If you’d started with “Since all the petrified snowflakes have got time on their hands these days” I would have carried on reading.

    1. Wolf's Gaming Blog says:

      In what we did I I play that I somehow believe everyone is in lockdown? What I said is we all have some extra time, which is perfectly true. Even the key workers, most of my family among, are till working hard to keep everything running to which I’m massively grateful, but once they get off work they have some extra time on their hands due to cinemas being closed, no pubs, limited excersise etc. Stop trying to be an arse by twisting words and looking for offenses where none exist

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