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xxW0LFxx TFD- Interview

So todays interview is something a little different, instead of me interviewing a random member of the Xbox community, it’s a random member of the Xbox community interviewing ME. Thats right, so the interview is performed by a forum member by the name of Unreal Warfare, so […]


(sadly we cannot get DisarmingBat’s Gamertag to appear, this may be due to privacy settings or technical difficultys) Hi, how are you? Great thanks. Whats your first name? Bruce wayne. Can you tell us a little about yourself? I’m 19 and goto University for medical science What game/games are […]

Hoaxs- Interview

  Hey Hoaxs, how are you? I’m under the weather at moment. Are you, in fact, a Hoax? I’m not a hoax, but i’m a selection of Hoaxes, that isn’t very good at spelling. Whats your first name? Sam Tell us a little about yourself…. To sum myself […]

Smoky Duck- Interview

  Hi Smoky, how are you? I’m dead.  whats your first name? Josh baby! Tell us a little about yourself? Well, by day i go to college, currently studying law, politics, english language and psychology and by night i’m a cross-dressing cage-fighter. Nah lol. I support my not […]


  Hi mate,how are you? No comm- nah I’m only kidding. I’m good thanks! Yourself?  Can you tell us your first name? This won’t be a huge surprise, it’s Benjamin. Tell us a little about yourself? I’m 24, I’m stuck in the Midlands, and I’m really a top […]


  Hi Sunridge,how are you? Im feelin ok mate, a little bit cold, but who isn’t? iTz ‘The big Freeze’ afterall :O Whats your first name? El Harriano (Harry) Can you tell us a little about yourself? Im a college student, basically an excuse to do *** all, […]