I don’t usually advertise on this site, generally viewing it as an inconvience for anyone who just wants to read the content, but aside from my love of gaming one other passion consumes my life: music. I don’t just love to listen to it, either – I’m a drummer by nature and can generally be found trying to use whatever objects that are lying around as a percussion kit of sorts, generally to the annoyance of everyone around me. But anyway, I do actually have a point to make here. No, really, I do.

Thanks to places like Youtube, iTunes, Amazon and people like you, independent musicians have a chance to show off their talent and prove that real music is still alive and kicking, and that the music industry, which favours boybands who can be marketed to thousands of screaming teenage girls, is a shambles.

So I’m happy to say that a good friend of mine, Geoff Sharp, has decided to pursue his dream of making a living from his music and has released his first album, No Regrets, to plenty of praise. At the age of 14, Geoff was told by his music teacher that he should put the guitar down because he would never be a guitarist. It’s now twenty years later and not only is Geoff a bloody talented guitarist, both acoustic and electric, but he also plays ever other instrument in his debut album, which goes to show that reverse psychology actually does work. You see, Geoff is one of those downright infuriating people who can pick up any instrument and play it well without any problems whatsoever. However, legend does say that he once tried to play a triangle and failed miserably. He also recorded the songs himself and mastered the tracks to ensure the sound just right. And to top it all off Geoff writes his owns songs and  sings them as well. He’s sort of like a travelling circus, really, but sadly he doesn’t have a top hat nor does he tame lions, though he once climbed atop a chair and growled at a man holding a whip and wearing a top hat who was trying to make him do tricks.

Below you will find two songs taken from his debut album. All that I ask is that you take a few minutes to listen to them, and if you enjoy them take a few more minutes to check out his Youtube, listen to the rest of the songs and visit his website.  You can find all the links below. And remember, support your independent musicians and show the world that real music isn’t dead yet.

Geoff Sharp on Youtube



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