Extra space for your 360!

In a bit of interesting news it seems that Microsoft has an update planned for the Xbox this year that will allow you to plug in an external Hard Drive to your Xbox 360, this could be a nice alternative as normal Exterman HDD’s are very cheap compared […]

Connor net-Interview

  And today we have the very first interview conducted by Fatmond. Who’s that you ask? We’re not sure, he turned up one day, raided the fridge and drank the beers before handing us this interview and wandering back onto the street, let’s hope he keeps it up […]

Blur-Hands on

Coming from the creators of Project Gotham Racing I hade high hopes for the upcoming street racer Blur, it’s prmoise of underground racing mixed with power-ups was an interesting idea and an unusual take on the standard street racing formula that makes up the vast majority of the […]