Halo Reach beta dated!

All you Halo fans can breath easy as the Beta release date for Halo: Reach has been announced. The beta will start on May 3rd, but remember you will need to have your Halo 3:ODST disc’s to play it.

Mass Effect 2-Review

Bioware, it’s a name that sends shivers down the spines of RPG fans everywhere, with such titles as Knights of the Old Republic under there belt and the recent release of Dragin Age: Origins they have been a champion for RPG gaming. The original Mass Effect was an […]

I’m Back!

Hello, So you may have noticed a lack of anything new on the site lately, well the Wireless USB that I use on my PC got fried, so I had to embark on a epic quest involving dragons, insulting dogs, being arrested for public indecency and slaying a […]