Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2- Debut trailer

  Star Wars: The Force Unleashed was one of the better star wars games that we have had in a long time,and now it’s going to get better with a sequel: It seems the Apprentice is fighting in some sort of arena,with a very very big enemy.

Borderlands- Review

Borderlands is the self stylised RPS (Role Playing Shooter) from Gearbox,creators of the Brothers in Arms series of games. Combining FPS combat with RPG levelling up and loot gathering along with unique visuals and a good sense of humour,your in for one of the best games in 2009. […]

Transformers: TWFC concept art

I’ve managed to find you some pics of the upcoming Transformers: The War For Cybertron. please remember these are scans for the magazine (Game Informer) and as such the quality is not that great. But it’s some very intresting concept art.