Blur-Hands on

Coming from the creators of Project Gotham Racing I hade high hopes for the upcoming street racer Blur, it’s prmoise of underground racing mixed with power-ups was an interesting idea and an unusual take on the standard street racing formula that makes up the vast majority of the […]

Just Cause 2 demo

  The original Just Cause had a massive free-roaming gameworld and insane stunts but lacked in the missions and shooting. Just Cause 2 is set to sort the mistakes of it’s ancestor and you can see if it manages it on the 4th of March when the demo […]

Mass Effect 2 DLC will be free!

Mass Effect 2 fans can look forward to even more FREE DLC in late March as Bioware will be releasing the Firewalker pack. This pack will give players 5 new missions based around a new vehicle, the Hammerhead. This massive Hovercraft can travel up to 120 kilometers per […]