Army of Two: the 40th Day-review

Army of Two promised a lot when it was realeased, action packed co-op, extensive gun customisation and 2 fantastic characters. Sadly it never actually lived up to its promises but was still a fairly enjoyable 3rd person shooter. But now the Army of Two return in a brand new […]

UnholiestHojo- Interview

  Hey Hojo, how are you? Im good, though a little tired after an all nighter on Bayonetta. are you really unholy? Only when i dont get any sleep. Whats your first name? James, though everyone calls me Jim. tell us a little about yourself? Started gaming in […]

Kanugopt- interview

Hi, how are you doing? Hello there. I’m fine, I’m reading a couple of old OXM magazines I have here. That’s right, I still read on paper. Whats your first name?   My first name is Peter. Yeah, like Family Guy. Is there a Stewie around here? He […]


Darksiders is a hard game to review, on the one hand it has almost no idea’s of its own, instead taking the best parts of other games and combining them into one uber-game. On the other hand that method has created a very good game. After a while […]

More Borderlands DLC incoming

Borderlands, it can send shivers downs spines and it was a big success in 2009, selling over 2 million copies. But they have done Zombies and they have done Horde mode, could there be anything else? In a recent interview with IGN, Randy Pitchford stated: “We are investing […]

xxW0LFxx TFD- Interview

So todays interview is something a little different, instead of me interviewing a random member of the Xbox community, it’s a random member of the Xbox community interviewing ME. Thats right, so the interview is performed by a forum member by the name of Unreal Warfare, so […]