Dante’s Inferno-Review

(Review written by Fatmond, all credit goes to him.) From the opening graphics with the EA/Visceral logo sweeping along your screen, accompanied by the dark, imposing orchestra, to the end of the final, stunning cutscene, ‘Dante’s Inferno’ is very finely crafted game. There will be comparisons to ‘God […]


  Hi, how are you? Off work with the lurgy since Thursday afternoon but I am on the mend, back tomorrow I reckon and some Mass Effect 2 today.  Whats your first name? Andy  Tell us a little about yourself? I am 30..erm.. something and live in the […]

Miss Wotsit- Interview

Hey there! Well as you can tell the interviews have been away for a little while, but never fear becuase they’re back now! did ya miss us? The first in a new batch of interviews starts with the awesome, Miss Wotsit. Hi, how are you ? Hellooooo I […]