Hi Sunridge,how are you? Im feelin ok mate, a little bit cold, but who isn’t? iTz ‘The big Freeze’ afterall :O Whats your first name? El Harriano (Harry) Can you tell us a little about yourself? Im a college student, basically an excuse to do *** all, […]

2 new Xbox peripherals

Razer (known for there high quality PC gear) are now entering the xbox market with 2 new peripherals for the Xbox 360. “Just as we did for PC gamers, we are really looking forward to revolutionizing the world of console gaming by creating a controller and gaming headset that […]

Dragon Age: Origins-Review

Bioware have a history of creating legendary RPG’s such as Knights of the Old Republic and of course, Mass Effect. Now their going back to there roots with a purely traditional RPG set in fantasy lands, cue the dancing elves. Origins takes player on an epic adventure where […]

A Sinister Duck-Interview

  It has to be asked,are you in face a sinister,evil,red eyed duck? Of course, why else would I chose this gamertag… Whats your first name? no need for a second name as we shall respect your privacy,sort of….. That would be Steve, quite a few friends here […]


Did you know that Fuel is in the record books? It boasts tha largest ever gameworld spanning 14,000 square KM. It’s not just big,not even huge,it’s colossal in size. It’s that vast land that plays home to Fuel,a post apocyliptic racer that allows you to take bikes,quads,cars and […]


  Hi FatMond, how are you? I’ve been better. Job hunting is never fun and times are hard, I could go on but I’m sure everyone is aware of the situation this country is in and frankly, nobody wants to hear about it! Can you tell us a […]

Games Room

Microsoft have revealed there latest money making plan with the spring 2010 release of Microsoft games room,a virtual Arcade zone where your Avatar can wonder around and you can play retro games such as Asteroids. You can customise your Arcade zone and buy retro games to bump up […]