UnholiestHojo- Interview

  Hey Hojo, how are you? Im good, though a little tired after an all nighter on Bayonetta. are you really unholy? Only when i dont get any sleep. Whats your first name? James, though everyone calls me Jim. tell us a little about yourself? Started gaming in […]

Kanugopt- interview

Hi, how are you doing? Hello there. I’m fine, I’m reading a couple of old OXM magazines I have here. That’s right, I still read on paper. Whats your first name?   My first name is Peter. Yeah, like Family Guy. Is there a Stewie around here? He […]


Darksiders is a hard game to review, on the one hand it has almost no idea’s of its own, instead taking the best parts of other games and combining them into one uber-game. On the other hand that method has created a very good game. After a while […]

More Borderlands DLC incoming

Borderlands, it can send shivers downs spines and it was a big success in 2009, selling over 2 million copies. But they have done Zombies and they have done Horde mode, could there be anything else? In a recent interview with IGN, Randy Pitchford stated: “We are investing […]

xxW0LFxx TFD- Interview

So todays interview is something a little different, instead of me interviewing a random member of the Xbox community, it’s a random member of the Xbox community interviewing ME. Thats right, so the interview is performed by a Xbox.com forum member by the name of Unreal Warfare, so […]


(sadly we cannot get DisarmingBat’s Gamertag to appear, this may be due to privacy settings or technical difficultys) Hi, how are you? Great thanks. Whats your first name? Bruce wayne. Can you tell us a little about yourself? I’m 19 and goto University for medical science What game/games are […]