Hoaxs- Interview

  Hey Hoaxs, how are you? I’m under the weather at moment. Are you, in fact, a Hoax? I’m not a hoax, but i’m a selection of Hoaxes, that isn’t very good at spelling. Whats your first name? Sam Tell us a little about yourself…. To sum myself […]

Got Sheep- Interview

Hi, how are you? Hi, I’m great thank you very much. You have sheep? whats that, some kind of wooly jumper disease? I actually don’t know, but I have them. First name? Daniel, Well, it’s Richard, but I’m called by my middle name since I was a baby, […]


  Hey Kitty, how are you?    I’m good thanks. I am eating masses of sugar today instead of food to see if it helps my Uni work. It’s not helping at all really but I’m loving the sugar!!!     Since when could cat’s use Xbox 360’s?  […]

Smoky Duck- Interview

  Hi Smoky, how are you? I’m dead.  whats your first name? Josh baby! Tell us a little about yourself? Well, by day i go to college, currently studying law, politics, english language and psychology and by night i’m a cross-dressing cage-fighter. Nah lol. I support my not […]