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Alienware AW568 Keyboard Review – Unidentified Deskbound Object

In the world of PC’s Alienware is a pretty big name that is viewed in two very different lights; on the one-hand those with the willingness to build their own computers see little of value in the company due to the high costs, while folk looking to simply purchase something that has a little more va-va-voom than the average off-the-shelf machine can find a lot to look provided they are willing to pay the price. But now Alienware have moved into producing their own line of peripherals, including a curved monitor and mouse. Before long you’ll be able to own an entire Alienware-branded setup, including a lovely sticker on your backside. But for now lets just review their keyboard, the boringly named AW568. Seriously, guys, when your company is named Alienware surely you could come up with a better name for a keyboard?

Alienware Reveal That They Will Release A New Steam Machine Every Year, And That The Machine Can’t Be Customised

At CES this year numerous manufacturers took the show’s floor to present their custom Steam Machines, including Alienware, creators of stupidly priced computers. A week after CES Alienware announced that their Steam Machine would launch in September of this year be priced to compete with current-gen consoles, which […]