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Weekend Whammy: The Anthem Review

Okay, okay, it’s not the weekend. I’m a little late with this Weekend Whammy, but in my defence the Internet went down over the weekend and seriously screwed things up. But I’m here now, dear sweet reader, to gently soothe your mind, cup your cheek and…wait, where was […]


Anthem Review – Not my Jam

BioWare’s career has been filled with incredible games, from Star Wars: Knights of the old Republic to the Mass Effect trilogy and Dragon Age. For many, myself included, the company has a special place in our hearts. Yet things have been rough for BioWare of late, with Mass Effect: Andromeda falling flat on its oddly animated face. Now, we have Anthem, a new live-service, co-op looter-shooter in the vein of Destiny and The Division that has been in development for nearly seven years. After spending dozens and dozens of hours in Anthem, though, I can’t help but wonder what the hell happened in those seven years.

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