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(Single-Player)Arkham Horror: The Card Game Review – Collectible Lovecraft

One of the earliest board games I reviewed when I started getting into the hobby was Arkham Horror, a gigantic, fiddly game of Lovecraftian horror and table devouring. I loved it then, and while I’d probably pick it apart much more now due to having a bit more experience I love it regardless because of its absurdity. Still, it’s a difficult game to actually play because it takes up the whole damn table, takes a while to finish and the myriad of cards, tokens and other assorted nonsense tend to put a lot of people off. On the other end of the scale lies Elder Sign, another I love that takes the Arkham theme and pummels it into some dice and cards. Now Fantasy Flight Games have decided to compress all that Lovecraft horror into another small game, a card game. A living card game. Whatever the hell that means.


(Single-Player) Arkham Horror Review – What’s That Coming Over The Hill? Is It A Monster?

  Given how much time I spend staring at screens it’s nice to step away occasionally and venture back into the world of boardgames. They’ve become a staple of my life now, a regular occurrence that along with things like drumming, swimming and movies help combat the fatigue […]

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