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Weekend Whammy: What Have You Been Playing?

Could you not stare at the screen so loudly? I’m nursing a hangover here. Yes, stupid me was out drinking at the weekend but forgot I was on some heavy medication, so now I’ve got a headache and killer stomach ache. Ah well, ’twas a good night filled with fun and friends.

Ashen Review – Dark Souls Lite

Its become a bit of a joke around the Internet that game reviewers often cite Dark Souls in their work. Anything remotely challenging is compared to Dark Souls, and any vaguely similar game design elements are, too. But in the case of Ashen it’s a very fair comparison. In many ways Ashen is Dark Souls Lite, a game that takes what people love about Dark Souls and finds ways to pare it back into a streamlined package. Somehow, Ashen still manages to be its own thing, too.