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Valve Announce Their Own Gaming Hardware Called Steam Machine Which Runs The SteamOS, But Is There A Point To It?

Earlier this week Valve announced that they were planning on releasing their very own operating system titled SteamOS. I and practically everyone else who learned of this immediately came to the conclusion that the second of Valve’s announcement’s scheduled for this week would be the so-called SteamBox. We […]

Xi3’s Piston Mini-PC Is Not Valve’s Rumoured “Steam Box”. Valve Reveal More Details About Their Own Steam Box.

Like the hardcore gossiping that goes down between old women clutching cups of tea like they’re made of solid gold the internet was buzzing yesterday as people began to report that Valve had apparently unveiled their rumoured “Steam Box” at CES, codenamed Piston and being co-developed by Xi3. Except that the Piston […]

Skate 3-Review

  Release Date: Out now Developer: Black Box Publisher: EA Singleplayer: yes Splitscreen: no Multiplayer: 2-6 Co-op: 2-6 PEGI: 16+ Skate is back with its third outing in the series, however it’s been just under a year and a half since the release of Skate 2 so the […]