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Transformers: Dark of the Moon Officially Announced with “Stealth Conversion”

Activision have announced today that the new Transformers game, Transformers: Dark of the Moon,¬†is under developement by High Moon Studios and will feature something called “Stealth Conversion” gameplay which is half way between an agile vehicle form and a weapon heavy robot form. Transformers: Dark of the Moon […]


Joyride to be a Natal launch game

Now please remember that this is not official, currently it’s unconfirmed however the information appears to be solid. Computer & Videogames¬†have received information from a source claiming that Joyride is now be a Natal Launch game and will not be free to play. After it’s rather chaotic developement […]

Extra space for your 360!

In a bit of interesting news it seems that Microsoft has an update planned for the Xbox this year that will allow you to plug in an external Hard Drive to your Xbox 360, this could be a nice alternative as normal Exterman HDD’s are very cheap compared […]