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Weekend Whammy: Gears 5, Mobile Broadband & Borderlands 3

It’s another Weekend Whammy! It’s not the weekend? Ah, fuck it. It’s a Weekday Whammy, then, I guess. Anyway, this week I’m talking about Gears of War, lovely Playstation artwork and the potential brilliance of mobile broadband!

Decay of Logos Review – Decaying

Although it’s a massive cliche to say so, playing Decay of Logos was a rollercoaster ride of emotions. The thing about a rollercoaster, though, is that you have to go up as much as you go down. Things must balance out. Decay of Logos, however, was like a rollercoaster that somehow defied the very laws of physics by having a lot more down than it did up. It’s easily the most annoying and downright infuriating game I’ve played this year. At one point I spent nearly 30-minutes yelling at an Elk, calling it all sorts of horrific names. I finished the game eventually, but I’m not sure if it was worth it.