DiRT 4 Review – Mmmm, DiRTY Girl

Screaming round a dirt bend at speeds no mortal should ever consider while nursing a punctured tire is when DiRT 4 is at its very best, the frantic desire to be the fastest having to be weighed against the need to just finish the stage and get a chance to repair your limping car. But as we’ll find out there are a few problems holding DiRT 4 back from being as good as it could be.

Did Codemasters Just Tease DiRT 4?

It seems that Codemasters are teasing the existence of DiRT 4, the long awaited sequel, or at least that’s the assumption that the Internet seems to arrive at, but is there any truth to it? Speculation began when the official DiRT Twitter sent out a simple Tweet saying, “4”, followed by another an later that…