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Exploring The Light, Dark And Grey Of Star Wars: Battlefront II’s Story And How It Connects To The Movies

Star Wars: Battlefront II has been in the headlines a lot due to its controversial loot boxes, EA’s greed, DICE’s questionable design and more. In amidst everything, though, the story has gotten largely overlooked which is surprising as in the greater Star Wars story it contains some important bits of information. So, with SPOILER WARNINGS in mind I wanted to take some time before my full review of the game to explore Battlefront II’s campaign story, what it gets right, what it gets wrong and all the stuff in the middle.


Bioware’s Co-Founder Responds To Fans, Promises DLC To Answers Questions And Provide Closure.

 Bioware have already hinted several times that they may be releasing DLC that either changes the controversial ending of Mass Effect 3 or that provides more closure for the fans who come to love the characters, setting and gameplay of the legendary series. But now a statement from Bioware co-founder Ray […]

Mass Effect 3: How Multiplayer Relates To Getting The “Perfect” Ending

Despite Bioware having made it clear many times before it seems that there’s still a lot of gamers out there having trouble grasping how the multiplayer affects their singleplayer storyline and how playing multiplayer is not required to achieve the “perfect” ending in Mass Effect 3. Now that the […]

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