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Adventures At 4TG Game Con 2017, Aberdeen

The seething mass of bodies all packed into one place is a stark reminder of just how big games have become since I was but a lad in the ’90s where it was still seen, along with comics, as a geeky hobby. Now it seems everyone plays games, either casually on a phone or tablet for a few minutes a day or on a custom PC that costs a terrifying amount of money. Games are just part of everyday life now, and conventions are springing up all over the place. Now there are people from all walks of life celebrating a medium that has gone from strength to strength. Walking the concrete floors are kids, teenagers, moms, dads, businessmen, grandfathers, grandmothers and more. There are no barriers now that games have gotten almost complete mainstream acceptance, and it’s amazing to see.


Initial Thoughts And Impressions On Microsoft’s Reveal Of The Xbox One – I’m Disappointed.

UPDATE/EDIT: this article was originally just going to be my initial reactions from the livestream of the Xbox One reveal event, with my deeper, more thought through views coming in a day or two. However, with major revelations and chunks of news emerging after the event was over […]

Sony Reveal Mysterious Teaser Trailer And Invite Gamers To “See The Future” On February, 20th. Could It Be The PS4 Announcement?

Sony have just sent out an invitation to the media and their investors to come to a special Sony media event on New York City on February, 20th, and “See the future”. The event will apparently kick off at 6pm EST time, but other than that absolutely no […]

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