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First Official Grand Theft Auto V Gameplay Trailer Released

Rockstar have finally released some actual gameplay footage for their upcoming Grand Theft Auto V in the form of a four-and-a-half minute video of awesome! But what do you need me to tell you about it for, just click the play button and watch.

Split Second-Preview

Written by CrymzenAssassin.  Now I’ve never been a big fan of racing sims, in fact the last racing sim I played was Grand Tourismo 3 on the playstation 2 and with more and more racing sims coming out these days such as Forza,Project Gotham and Grand Tourismo, the announcement of Split second […]

Bioshock 2-Review

(Review written by Crakfox, all credit goes to him) Bioshock 2, it’s set 10 years after the first game and a lot has changed in Rapture. You play as Subject Delta, a Big Daddy. Unlike the Big Daddies from the first game you are not a mindless monster, […]