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Weekend Whammy: UK Government On Lootboxes, Borderlands 3 & Greedfall

It’s not the weekend! And do you know what that means, my friends? That’s right, it’s time for another Weekend Whammy because as we all know I have no concept of punctuality or time in general. It’s a flaw. But anyway, this week we’re chatting about the UK […]


Gears 5 Review – Gears of War Is Back, Baby!

The Xbox has been hurting when it comes to exclusive games while the Playstation 4 and Nintendo Switch have been busy putting out strong titles that could only be played on their respective platforms. Gears of War 4 should have been the return of one of Xbox’s biggest franchises, but The Coalition were put in a difficult position having to take over something with such a strong legacy. What they created was good. It wasn’t great, though. It didn’t match the original trilogy. Now The Coalition are back and they’ve tossed away the “of War” part. Gears 5 is looking to bring the series back properly.