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Weekend Whammy: Switch Lite, Mobile Games & Batman & Robin

It’s way too damn hot. Sleep has become impossible because my sheets have melted together to form some sort of sentient being that whispers terrifying things in my ear at night. Or that might have just been a heat-induced nightmare, I dunno. Anyway, the weekend is officially over yet again, and that means it’s time for a Weekend Whammy!

Gorn Review – Violently Good Fun

Let’s be perfectly honest with ourselves: humans are violent creatures with strong impulses toward physically damaging each other or anything within range. It’s one of the biggest reasons we’ve survived as long as we have and while we’ve certainly learned to control those violent tendencies they still lurk just under the surface. It’s not a surprise that VR games that let you unleash some rage in a healthy way have taken off. That’s where Gorn comes in, a brilliantly over-the-top brawler that lets you vent a little anger by ripping off heads.