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Weekend Whammy: Christmas Carnage & Virtual Reality

Oh, hello there, weekend! I didn’t see you standing menacingly in the shadows. How are you these fine holidays? What? What’s that? Why have you got that!? No! NO! NOOOOO! Stop stabbing me with a candy cane, you foul beast! ARRRRGGGGHHHHH!

Gun Club VR (PSVR) Review – Got A Membership?

It’s easy to criticize the amount of wave-based shooters available for VR, but the genre is especially suited to virtual reality, perhaps even more so with PSVR where real-life movement is limited. Gun Club VR is yet another wave-based shooter, sure, yet it wants to set itself apart with an emphasis on realism. Give it a few hours and you’ll feel like John freakin’ Wick. Just with, y’know, that gun-fu part. Or the dead puppy. Or the smashed car.