The Playstation hand-held streaming device is real and still stupid

Days before the Playstation Showcase, SIE CEO Jim Ryan proclaimed in a Sony business call that they were planning  “some fairly interesting and quite aggressive plans” in regards to streaming and cloud-based gaming. Well, the first step of that seems to be Project Q, a handheld streaming device.

5 Newest Models of Hardware for the Perfect Gaming Rig (Sponsored Post)

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If you are a PC gamer, you need the components of your PC to be the best for gaming. After all, choosing just any old component for your computer can lead to a quick burnout if they aren’t made to cope with the use that a frequent gamer puts a PC through.

This can be stressful because even if you know what you need, the technology of these components is always changing. That means that if you want the best PC gaming rig, you need to know the newest tech because that’s where you’ll find the most effective innovation. In this article we are going to take a look at 5 of the newest models of hardware for the perfect gaming rig.

Valve To Launch Their Own PC Or Console Next Year?

There’s been no shortage of Internet rumors that Valve, most famous for not making Half-Life 3 yet, would eventually create their own hardware for consumers to compete with the big boys, although whether it would be a PC, console or a hybrid of both has been a point of contention. Despite the rumors Valve have…