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Smoky Duck- Interview

  Hi Smoky, how are you? I’m dead.  whats your first name? Josh baby! Tell us a little about yourself? Well, by day i go to college, currently studying law, politics, english language and psychology and by night i’m a cross-dressing cage-fighter. Nah lol. I support my not […]


  Hi mate,how are you? No comm- nah I’m only kidding. I’m good thanks! Yourself?  Can you tell us your first name? This won’t be a huge surprise, it’s Benjamin. Tell us a little about yourself? I’m 24, I’m stuck in the Midlands, and I’m really a top […]


  Hi Sunridge,how are you? Im feelin ok mate, a little bit cold, but who isn’t? iTz ‘The big Freeze’ afterall :O Whats your first name? El Harriano (Harry) Can you tell us a little about yourself? Im a college student, basically an excuse to do *** all, […]

Reina Watt-Interview

  Hi Reina,how are you? Other than really, really, really cold, I’m alright. Tell us a little about yourself? Hmm, only a little. I’m 30, been gaming since 1984 when my legs could barely reach the floor when I sat in the computer chair at school at that […]