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Dead Island: Riptide Announced

Ah, zombies. Horrid undead creatures with the intelligence of a brick that in several different varieties, sort of like ketchup, only without the Heinz logo on the side of the bottle, not that zombies come in a bottle. That’d be weird. Anyway, back on topic, if you didn’t […]

Dead Island

There are never enough zombies in the world, and Dead Island is set to to throw even more of those shuffling bastards at us. Set on an open world tropical island all hell breaks loose when a mysterious zombie outbreak occurs requiring you to get your zombie slaying […]

Borderlands- Review

Borderlands is the self stylised RPS (Role Playing Shooter) from Gearbox,creators of the Brothers in Arms series of games. Combining FPS combat with RPG levelling up and loot gathering along with unique visuals and a good sense of humour,your in for one of the best games in 2009. […]