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Wisdom of Solomon Kickstarter Quick Review – Is It Wise To Back?

Due to the review copy of Wisdom of Solomon arriving just before the Kickstarter began and the campaign having just six days left as I write this, this is going to be a short review so that you can at least get an idea of how it plays. So let’s just leap head-first into this, shall we? And please, forgive me if my writing is a lot rougher than it usually is, which is certainly saying something.


Goblin Grapple Kickstarter Review – I Grappled, I Groped

Ah Goblins. They got their big break in the Lord of the Rings movies, really. They’ve always been lurking in fantasy, but when Peter Jackson brought the epic books to life suddenly Goblins were all the rage, with everybody wanting to have them in their games and their books and their movies. And now look at them, the stars of their very own card game that is due to hit Kickstarter on May 6th. But is this a game worth backing? Should you be ponying up some cash?

Thimbleweed Park Review – What Year Is This!?

These days it’s hard to shake the feeling that videogames on Kickstarter are primarily fueled by tapping into people’s nostalgia, playing on their childhood memories and their desires for the good old days when you could really see the pixels. Thimbleweed Park doesn’t so much aim for the nostalgia center of your brain as it does strap a rocket to its butt and proceed to blow straight through it, offering up a point and click experience so retro that it honestly could have come straight from the golden era of the genre. Only it’s constant references and a few little tweaks oust it as something published in 2017.

Skies of Fire #1 & #2 Comic Review – This One Is Hot

Following on from my adventures at Glasgow’s Comic-Con, which you can read about here, I promised four comic-book/graphic novel reviews. Here’s the second of them. Controversial as it is Kickstarter has definitely opened the door to a variety of projects that may never have gotten to exist using […]

Divinity: Original Sin 2 Announced, To Be Founded Via Kickstarter

Larian Studios have announced that there will indeed be a sequel to the incredibly well-recieved Divinity: Original Sin, which got 19,541 backers tp pledge $944,282 in April of 2013. The game got stellar reviews on release, and managed to sell over half-a-million copies. Larian are currently porting to the […]

Shenmue III Officially Announced As A Kickstarter Campaign, Project Funded In Just Ten Hours

Well, that just happened… Live during Sony’s E3 press conference they made a shocking announcement by launching a Kickstarter campaign for the long-awaited Shenmue III with a goal of $2-million. Within just ten short hours the project already been funded a shade under 25,000 backers. There’s still some stretch […]

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