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Trenched Delayed in Europe.

To those eagerly awaiting todays Xbox Live Arcade title, Trenched, you’re in for some dissapointement as the game has been delayed in Europe. The game,¬†Double Fine’s take on the Tower Defense genre, has appearently encountered ‘Unexpected challenges with distribution in some European regions.’ , but did state that […]

Gears of War 3 Avatar Items

As the world goes Gears crazy you can show your excitement on April 20th as 2 new Gears Avatar Items will be launched, these are both based around the new COG armour seen in the brand new Gears of War 3 trailer (which we will be putting up […]

Skate 3 demo coming April 15TH!

Thats right the Skate 3 demo will be coming on 15th April and will allow players to shred it up on the University district. It promises both single player and multiplayer challenges to take part in including¬†Domination, Own the Lot, and the bone-crushing Hall of Meat. You’ll also […]