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Weekend Whammy: Mass Effect Andromeda Remaster, Maneater & Mafia

Hello my dear readers, my dear friends, my dear comrades in video games! Let’s jump right into this, shall we? This week I’m talking about the Mafia remasters, Maneater, the Unreal Engine 5 demo and a Mass Effect: Andromeda remaster.

Mass Effect: Andromeda Review – One Backward Step For Mankind

The Mass Effect franchise is important to me, perhaps even more so than my own nieces. Given the choice between Mass Effect 2 and my nieces I’d be clutching that box to my heart faster than you could call social services. Sure, like most people I was left somewhat aghast at how the third game wrapped up the entire story, and to this day I’ve still only played Mass Effect 3 twice, despite it having numerous great moments leading up to that controversial finish. However, I’ve played Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2 about a dozen times each, equalling hundreds of hours spent saving the galaxy and hanging out with a crew of characters that have become ingrained in my mind. A new entry in this beloved series, then, is one hell of an exciting prospect for me and to legions of fans everywhere. It has been five years since Bioware capped the original trilogy and there’s a lot of expectation for this fresh take. Have they screwed it up? A little bit, yup.