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Logitech Powerplay Review – It’s Witchcraft, Basically

The concept of constantly charging a wireless mouse via a mouse pad is not actually a new one, having been done many years prior. It didn’t take off back then, but now it seems Logitech believe they are the company to bring this sorcerous technology to the masses in the form of their Powerplay system. Putting aside the name which sounds like something straight out of the 90’s, is it actually any good?


Big Viking Mats Hands-On Review

I’ll be the first to admit that while I previously found the idea of a mat for boardgames appealing it was never something I considered actually owning for myself because it always felt like a frivolous purchase made by people who have far more disposable income than myself. Now, though, I have to admit that having a mat made gaming a lot more comfortable. So let’s check out the Big Viking Mat, eh?

Steelseries Guild Wars 2 Mouse Pad – Review

Alongside the Guild Wars 2 mouse, Steelseries kindly sent over one of their Guild Wars 2 branded QcK mouse pads to try out as well. I’ve never tried reviewing or talking about something like this before, so rather than attempt a full-blown review that spans thousands of words, I thought I’d offer […]