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Codemasters Announce F1 2013, Which Will Feature A New F1 Classics Mode Introduced By Murray Walker

  In an announcement as surprising as Activision unveiling a new Call of Duty game, Codemasters have today officially announced F1 2013, the 4th game in their F1 franchise. However this time around it looks like Codemasters are really trying to give fans a reason to pick up […]

Free DLC for Portal 2

Valve have announced that they’ll be launching free DLC for Portal 2 sometime in the summer, and best of all this new content will be utterly free of charge. The pack is set to contain new singleplayer test chambers , leaderboards and challenge mode for singleplayer and multiplayer, […]

Splinter Cell: Conviction DLC

Splinter Cell: Conviction is set to get  four brand new Deniable Ops maps. The new pack, named the Insurgency pack will be released on May 27th and will cost 800 Microsoft points. For that money you’ll get yourself four new maps, each is playable in Hunter, Infiltration, Last […]