Weekend Whammy: Let’s Talk PS5 & Microsoft’s New Acquisition

Welcome back to the Weekend Whammy! As always and forever, I’m the idiot running this little Internet asylum and the Weekend Whammy is where I chat about…er, anything, really. But this week it’s very much gaming related stuff because loads of exciting things have happened. So lets jump into it, shall we?

Weekend Whammy: SUSHI! And Maybe Some Games

Fear not, dear reader, for I have returned to guide you unto the shining light of excellence that is ME! Thou shall bask in my brilliance and my all-round awewsomeness at doing the video games. Seriously, though, welcome back guys and gals. It’s time for more random chatter. This week I’m talking about sushi, rising game prices and probably more sushi.

Patch Notes: The New Xbox, The Game Awards Winners & New Games

Welcome back to another Patch Notes, the place where I grab a few news stories that interest me, recap them and offer up some thoughts! It’s been a busy few weeks, so in this Patch Notes I’m talking about the brand new Xbox Series X, The Game Awards, new game announcements and more.

Looks Like The Next Borderlands Game Won’t Appear On Last-Gen

The forthcoming Borderlands game will seemingly be developed specifically for the Xbox One and PS4. Word comes from Take-Two President Karl Slatoff during an earnings call today, where he stated that the next Borderlands game, cutely referred to as “the big one” by Randy Pitchford, would be developed  “specifically for next-gen consoles.” Now, that qoute…

Square Enix Confirms New Triple-A Hitman Game Is In Development

This week rumours have been circulating that Square Enix had cancelled their next-gen Hitman game, which was going to follow up on the success of Hitman: Absolution, in favor of focusing on mobile titles. However, as it transpires the rumours were wrong as Square Enix put out the following statement: “Io-Interactive is developing a new,…