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(E3 2016) Xbox One Slim Announced

  Microsoft have just revealed their worst kept secret; the Xbox One Slim, named the Xbox One S. According to Microsoft it’ll be 40% smaller and includes an internal powerbrick, plus it’ll boast 4k Blu-ray support. In terms of storage you’ll be able to get up to 2TB. […]

(E3) Kinectimals

OMG! I want a pet tiger! This one game could redeem Kinect by itself, allowing players to look after there virtual animals using motion sensing, while it’s still a casual gamer friendly title it’s a good demo of the tech involved. Plus the kid is cute.

(E3) Joyride

Joyride was orignally going to be a free game to download for Xbox 360 owners allowing you to race your avatar around with friends, it was looking pretty dam sweet. But wham, it’s no longer free and it’s going to be a full retail release for Kinect, as […]