Ep. 16 Of the Podcast Is Live – Come Read It!

After a month-long hiatus the 16th episode of my solo podcast is live, and if you hit the play button you can listen to my rasping, harsh vocals for a whopping 45-minutes or so! What a glorious way to waste a chunk of your day!

On this episode I gush about The Suicide Squad (2021) movie, complain about chest infections, talk about Outriders not breaking even yet, RiMS racing, and the entire Blue Box saga getting stranger and stranger.

(Single-Player) Zombicide: Black Plague Review – Tolkien Meets Evil Dead

Designed by: Raphael Guiton, Jean-Batpise Lullien and Nicolas Raoult Published by: Gullotine Games Players: 1-6 RRP: £79.99 Review copy provided free of charge by Esdevium Games. Since I began reviewing board games I’ve been told numerous times that I need to check out Zombicide, but since zombies aren’t really my thing I was no rush…

I Play Board Games Alone, And That’s Okay

  Just recently I published a review of XCOM: The Board Game which focused on what it was like to play the game alone. The review is part of an ongoing series titled Single-Player, which as the name implies is all about checking out games that can be played solo and with friends, because for…

(Single-Player)Robinson Crusoe Board Game Review – WILSON!

Robinson Crusoe is the kind of game that scares people away with its collection of tokens and cards and tiles that contribute to a tabletop experience that’s actually quite easy to understand once everything clicks. You’ve got to make it through the rulebook first, though, which spans 20-pages and isn’t great at explaining how everything works, leaving a lot of ambiguities that must be waded through. It’s worth the effort, though, as this is a thematic and very well designed game that places you into the role of a person stranded on a mysterious island who must survive the random events that will befall you every turn while trying to make good decisions about building shelter, hunting animals, creating items, gathering resources and exploring the island.

Bungie Reveal That You Can Completely Avoid Multiplayer In Destiny And Play Solo

Bungie’s upcoming game Destiny is promising to introduce a unique multiplayer experience into the world. The sneaky matchmaking system carefully slots other players into your session, and vice versa, when the situation calls for it, creating something that is almost an MMO, but not quite, while supposedly retaining the focus of a singleplayer RPG. “Video…