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Weekend Whammy: My Dog, Draugen & Good Omens

Another weekend has come and gone like a slightly drunken ghost trying its best to haunt you. It was a busy one, so I’m looking forward to crawling into bed and forgetting about the whole existence thing for a while. Maybe in the morning I’ll make a pillow fort and refuse to come out for anything less than Sticky Toffee Pudding.

Team Sonic Racing Review – Great Kart Racing Action

A good kart racing game is such a pure thing, right? It’s like the essence of gaming; simple, joyful fun wrapped in bright colours. It’s something the whole family can enjoy. It’s also a genre that’s time in the spotlight is long gone. But now it’s making something of a resurgence, and after 7 years Sumo Digital is finally back with a sort-of sequel. So let’s review Team Sonic Racing, yeah? Let’s see if it can go toe-to-toe with Mario Kart 8 and the upcoming Crash Team Racing remake.