Outriders Review – Surprisingly Good Fun

Well, better late than never, right? Weeks after becoming a hit, in no small way due to launching on Game Pass on day one, my review for Outriders is finally here. People Can Fly have been quiet over the years, working on co-developing and remastering Bulletstorm, so it’s great to see the former Gears of War: Judgement developers releasing their own project after so long, a sci-fi third-person shooter with plenty of loot. Is it worth playing? Should you pick it up or download it from Game pass? Yes, and yes.

Marvel’s Avengers Review – The Mehvengers

Just like the Hulk himself, Marvel’s Avengers is two very different personalities in the same body. The first is a single player game with a reasonable story and a handful of decent missions. It wouldn’t rival the likes of Marvel’s Spider-Man or the Batman: Arkham series, but it’s mindless fun. The second personality is a live-service game for groups of up to four players in the vein of Destiny with heavy monetization that intends on adding new characters and content over the coming years. Like the Hulk and Bruce Banner, these two personalities are almost always at odds, struggling to co-exist. But unlike the Hulk, Marvel’s Avengers isn’t big, green and awesome.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider Review – A Solid End To The Trilogy

If there’s one thing that I’m always going to feel disappointed about when it comes to the rebooted Tomb Raider franchise it’s that Lara Croft never once picks up her awesome dual pistols. No, for some reason this iteration of the tomb raiding badass focused on her bow, which just isn’t as cool, I reckon. Ah well. This third game marks the supposed end of the trilogy, and is also the only game of the three not to be developed primarily by Crystal Dynamics who this time assumed support duties to Eidos Montreal. So, does the series go out with an explosive arrow or one of the infamous gruesome death scenes?

Hitman Intro Pack Review – It’s A Hit, Man

Agent 47 returns in controversial fashion as Square Enix implement a bold episodic plan for one of their biggest licenses, something which we’ll discuss later in this review. But for now we have a taster of what is to come, enough to get a handle on whether IO have managed to bring their iconic character back into the favor of gamers after Absolution, a title that I personally really enjoyed but is often cited as being much weaker than fan-favorite Blood Money. Simply titled Hitman this fresh approach to selling a triple A game could be seen as a soft reboot of sorts, one that could potentially be the herald of big changes within the industry if its business model succeeds. There’s a lot riding on this, then, so is it any good?

Where’s The Hitman Review?

  EDIT: it appears the crashes may be due to AMD’s drivers, as rolling them back to a previous version has allowed me to play the game. Hey folks, I’ve been looking forward to the launch of the new Hitman game for some time now, even despite its controversial episodic nature. I got my review…

Rise of the Tomb Raider PC Review – There’s Actual Tombs!

Platforms: Xbox One, PC (PS4 to follow) Reviewed On: PC Developer: Crystal Dynamics Publisher: Square Enix Singleplayer: Yes Multiplayer: No In 2013 Crystal Dynamics brought an iconic series back from the grave, presenting us with a new Tomb Raider for a new time. And it proved successful with great critical reception and plenty of loving…

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Announced For Xbox One, PS4 and PC

Having been briefly teased by Square Enix the existence of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided has been announced by Game Informer magazine, where the game will be featured on the cover of the next issue. According to the magazine Mankind Divided is set twelve years after the events of Human Revolution and will see Adam Jensen…

Rise Of The Tomb Raider Is Apparently An Xbox Exclusive

During Microsoft’s Gamescom conference they made the surprising announcement that the forthcoming Rise of the Tomb Raider will be exclusive to Xbox consoles, and will launch holiday 2015. Even more interesting is the fact that no mention of it coming to PC or being a timed exclusive was made. Yet it’s hard to believe that…