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Weekend Whammy: Free Game Code, Tropico 6 & Generation Zero

The weekend has returned to seek its vengeance, to right the many wrongs of the world. It has donned a cape and mask, and now sits atop a gargoyle in a stormy night, watching and waiting for its prey. For it is….Bat-Weekend! I have no idea where I’m going with this. Let’s…let’s just get on with it, yeah?

The Wizards: Enhanced Edition Review – Amateur Magician

On paper, I think hurling magic fireballs and casting spells is a near perfect match for the wonders of VR gaming. Who doesn’t want to wave their hands in a vaguely mystical fashion to summon an ice bow? The Wizards attempts to capture the mystic arts by making you swing your hands around like you’re trying to swat a wasp that has no concept of personal space. To the outside world you look like a raving lunatic, but in The Wizards: Enhanced Edition you’re wielding powerful forces.