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Weekend Whammy: The Anthem Review

Okay, okay, it’s not the weekend. I’m a little late with this Weekend Whammy, but in my defence the Internet went down over the weekend and seriously screwed things up. But I’m here now, dear sweet reader, to gently soothe your mind, cup your cheek and…wait, where was […]


THQ Auction Results Are In: Nordic Games Acquire Loads Of New IPs, Including Darksiders And Red Faction. Gearbox Pick Up Homeworld.

The results for the auctioning of THQ’s remaining assets are finally in, allowing us to see exactly who bought what, and in something of a surprise is seems that Nordic Games, assuming the court approves all sales, will be riding off into the sunset with the vast majority […]

As THQ Close Their Doors, So Do Vigil Games As They Say Goodbye To The Hope Of Making Darksiders III

UPDATE: There’s a small bit of hope as Platinum Games expresses some interest in buying the Darksiders series and bringing on board Vigil Games staff. It’s a sad day for gamers around the world as THQ close their doors forever. Currently rumours are flying around to exactly what […]

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