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The Xbox 360 WIll Be Supported For Another 3 Years, Say Microsoft

Though the upcoming console hardware is rather exciting there’s going to be plenty of people holding on to their Xbox 360’s, either waiting for a price drop or so that they can simply continue to play the games in their collection. If you’re one of those people then […]

Rage – Review

Release Date: Out Now! Developer: id Software Publisher: Bethesda Singleplayer: Yes Splitscreen Modes: Yes, 2-player co-op. Competitive Multiplayer: Yes, 2-4 players. PEGI: 18+ Thanks to Bethesda for providing a copy of the game for review. Because of the name attached to Rage it has been receiving¬†huge amounts of […]

Fable III – Review

Release Date: Out now! Developer: Lionhead Publisher: Microsoft Singleplayer: Yes Splitscreen: Yes, 2 player Multiplayer: Online co-op mode PEGI: 16 It may have been a year since Fable II but in-game it has been a whole fifty years since the events of the previous game and Albion has […]