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(E3 2016) Bethesda Give Us A Look At Dishonored 2 Gameplay

During their conference Bethesda and Arkane showed off a surprising amount of Dishonored 2 gameplay, giving us a look at a few different missions and a number of different powers. The trailer above gives glimpses of what was shown, but some other material is also revealed for the […]


Unravel Is Proof That Games Are Still Made By People, And Not Money Hungry Corporations

Unravel is made a by a small team that genuinely care about videogames, proving that not all games are made by faceless groups of money-grabbing robots sitting atop massive corporations that churn out generic triple A titles. Standing on stage the game’s designer made for a small figure […]

EA And DICE Give Us 5 Minutes Of Star Wars: Battlefront Gameplay And It’s Awesome

I’ve been pretty cynical of the new Star Wars: Battlefront game from DICE thus far, but this newly released gameplay footage has given me hope that they really do know what they are doing with license and the Battlefront name. I’m still a little unhappy with some of […]

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