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Homefront: The Revolution Announced, Trailer Released

Homefront had some good ideas going for it and a surprisingly enjoyable multiplayer. Sadly it never managed to realise its own potential, and since then I’ve often wondered if it would ever get a sequel. Well, now it is. Titled Homefront: The Revolution this sequel takes place in […]


Mortal Kombat X Officially Announced By Ed Boon, First Trailer Released

After several weeks of teasing Ed Boon has officially announced the existence of Mortal Kombat X. A few hours after the announcement, which was made via Twitter, a trailer was released showing Scorpion and Sub-Zero beating the snot out of each other. While the music is frankly terrible, […]

Bethesda Announce Battlecry, Release Trailer And Screenshots Offering First Glimpse Of The Game

Bethesda have announced a new game by Battlecry Studios named…well, Battlecry. The game will offer up free-to-play 16vs16 player mayhem, and is Battlecry Studio’s first official game since they were founded back in 2012. The concept of Battlecry is that gunpowder was banned  following a cataclysmic world war at […]

Ubisoft Announce Valiant Hearts: The Great War Pricing And Release Date, And Reveal New Trailer

Ubisoft have revealed the release date and price of their upcoming Valiant Hearts: The Great War, a story-driven platformer and puzzler  which follows the lives of several characters during World War 1 whose fates are intertwined. Running on the UbiArt Framework Valiant Hearts: The Great War will arrive […]

Activision Release Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Reveal Trailer, And It’s Actually Kind Of Good

Well, this is rather strange. Just yesterday Sledgehammer announced that they would be revealing a “New Era” of Call of Duty on May 4th, even placing a countdown on the official Call of Duty website. And yet here we are with the reveal trailer, a full two days […]

This New Child Of Light Trailer Showing Off The Environments Of Lemuria Is Beautiful

Ubisoft have released a new trailer for the upcoming Child of Light, and oh boy is it beautiful! The game is running on Ubisoft’s Ubiart Framework engine, and features a striking visual style. They’ve kept this new trailer, titled The World of Lemuria, simple, focusing on the breathtaking […]

Warner Bros. And Rocksteady Officially Announce Batman: Arkham Knight – Debut Trailer Released

After months of speculation and several leaks Warner Bros. and Rocksteady have finally announced the existence of Batman: Arkham Knight, developed solely for PS4, Xbox One and PC. The announcement comes via Game Informer who revealed that the third Batman game to be developed by Rocksteady, and the […]

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