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Weekend Whammy: The Anthem Review

Okay, okay, it’s not the weekend. I’m a little late with this Weekend Whammy, but in my defence the Internet went down over the weekend and seriously screwed things up. But I’m here now, dear sweet reader, to gently soothe your mind, cup your cheek and…wait, where was […]

Trials Rising Review – On Trial For Loot Boxes

Reflecting on yet another failed attempt at an extreme track in Trials Rising at some ungodly hour in the morning, I come to the conclusion that this series has probably evoked more emotional responses out of me than the majority of story-driven games. This is literally a game about riding a bike from one end of a track to the end without falling off too many times. Somehow, though, it can make me laugh, smile, yell, get angry and threaten to murder my friends. I didn’t murder them, though. Honest. It was just heat of the moment. Now hand me a shovel, would you?