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Weekend Whammy: Competition To Win Mordhau on PC & Borderlands 2 Free DLC Is Good!

Okay, so this time I’m only one day late with the Weekend Whammy. ‘S close enough, right? Anyway, it was a busy week full of nieces and excitement and sleep and sleep and sleep and sleep and sleep. For some reason I’ve been tired, and the allure of bed has been hard to resis…..zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Void Bastards Review – A Charming Bastard

You have to admit that as names go Void Bastards is a pretty good one. It captures your attention, just like the striking graphical style does. Once you’ve been successfully reeled in by the cool name and pretty pictures, though, what exactly does Void Bastards offer up? British accents, spaceships, tourists and lots of stuff to craft. That’s what.