Weekend Whammy: Decay of Logos, Control & Aquaman Rocks

Another weekend has passed into the annals of history, as time marches toward its inevitable violent conclusion. And on that happy note it’s time for another Weekend Whammy! Huzzah! Buckle up meat bags, because this week I’m taking more about Control, Luigi’s Mansion, Aquaman and Decay of Logos.

Weekend Whammy: Control & No More Spider-Man In The MCU

Hello my little wolfpack of awesome, how are you all doing? Another week has gone blasting past like it stole a jet, snorted some cocaine and decided to head for the Bahamas. That means it’s time for another Weekend Whammy, so let’s get right into chatting about why Control is worth keeping an eye on and WHAT THE HELL SONY AND MARVEL!?

Weekend Whammy: Rebel Galaxy Outlaw & Pokemon Crystal

I’ve only published a single review this week folks. I’m afraid real life has been sort of getting in the way, and I’ve been having a bit of downer with the ‘ol depression and anxiety. Getting out of bed has been more of a challenge than it should be. But those are just excuses for my lack of work output. I need to learn how to schedule things and balance the site out with real world stuff.

Weekend Whammy: Oculus Rift, Shazam & The Nintendo DS

Hello my dear friends and despised enemies, the weekend has come and gone once again and that can only mean one thing: I blacked out at some point. But other than that it means it’s time to check in and see what everyone has been playing, watching and reading this fine, fine weekend.

Weekend Whammy: Switch Lite, Mobile Games & Batman & Robin

It’s way too damn hot. Sleep has become impossible because my sheets have melted together to form some sort of sentient being that whispers terrifying things in my ear at night. Or that might have just been a heat-induced nightmare, I dunno. Anyway, the weekend is officially over yet again, and that means it’s time for a Weekend Whammy!

Weekend Whammy: Marvel Phase 4, The Witcher & Picard

I’m back with another entirely late Weekend Whammy, and this week I’m mostly chatting about The Witcher show and Marvel’s Phase 4 plans. As always this series of articles is just about the games I’ve reviewed, what I’ve been playing, watching and reading and anything else I fancy chatting about. Let me know in the comments what you’ve been up to this week as well!

Weekend Whammy: F1 2019, Sunken City & EA Are Morons

Hello there weekend, how are you doing this fine…er, weekend? Yes, the weekend is here yet again and that means it’s time to ramble about the games I’ve been playing, the games I’ll be reviewing and Nerf guns!

Weekend Whammy: Stabbing People in VR, ACC Being A Pain & More

Once again I’m a little late with my Weekend Whammy, but that’s what happens when both nieces come to stay for the entire weekend. It. Was. Chaos. I love them both dearly but by Odin’s hairy arse they are a handful, especially together. Argument after argument between them drives everyone else crazy. And to make it worse the youngest one decided to leap off a chair, grab me round the neck and dig her fingers into all the muscles and tendons. Who the hell knew small children could be so dangerous?