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Weekend Whammy: What Are You Guys Playing?

The weekend has steamrolled into our lives yet again like some sort of demented rhino looking for its lunch. As I write this I’ve just gotten back from walking the dog and taking my two nieces to the funfair that’s in town, so now it’s time to sit down and fire up some games!

It’s The Weekend: How Is Everyone?

Oh boy, oh boy, it’s the freakin’ weekend again people! And you know what that means! It’s time to break out the beers and wallow in self-pity! YEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!

This week I’ve been delving hard into Monster Hunter World now that it has come to PC, a game in which you kill monsters, make a sword out of their bones and then proceed to beat the same kind of monster to death with the remains of brother/sister/mother/father/cousin/whatever. Honestly, the more you think about this game and it’s never ending parade of boss fights the more you realise that you play as a complete dick intent on single-handedly wiping out the innocent beasts inhabiting the land.