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Weekend Whammy: What Are You Guys Playing?

The weekend has steamrolled into our lives yet again like some sort of demented rhino looking for its lunch. As I write this I’ve just gotten back from walking the dog and taking my two nieces to the funfair that’s in town, so now it’s time to sit down and fire up some games!

Grab A Beer: What Are You Playing This Weekend?

I was going to start up this series last weekend, but I wound up getting gifted some tickets to go see one of my favorite bands, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, in Glasgow. It was awesome. That’s all. Just thought you should know.

Anyway, the point here is that while I’m beyond privelaged to get loads of viewers on this site I’d love to see more comments and chances to chat to people, so I’m hoping this will encourage some folks to jump on and start chatting.